A premier near dock, multi-modal transloading facility located adjacent to Port
Manatee, the U.S. seaport closest to the Panama Canal

    Being the closest deep water seaport to the Panama Canal,
    Port Manatee is a logical choice for trade with Pacific Rim
    markets and provides superior access to Mexico, Central
    and South America and the Caribbean basin.  With the
    future expansion of this vital waterway, Panama Canal's
    capacity will double, allowing it to handle ships much larger
    than today's Panamax ships.


    Between Port Manatee and the adjacent Port Manatee
    Commerce Center, the two properties offer over 1.3 million
    square feet of modern office and warehouse space.  Once
    Berth 12 is extended from its current 1,000 foot length to
    1,584 feet it will accommodate up to Panamax-size vessels.


    Given its rural surroundings, excellent highway and rail
    access, Port Manatee provides fast throughput ensuring
    cargo gets from shippers to customers as quickly as
    possible.  Port Manatee owns and operates its own Class III
    railroad with 8 miles of on-site and exchange yard tracks
    connecting to CSX Transportation rail lines.  Completing the
    intermodal picture is 65 mph access to the interstate
    system directly from Port Manatee's gates.  Trucks reach I-
    75 and I-275 without encountering any stoplights, putting all
    of North America in reach without the hassle of urban
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